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The Need

Haircare brand Voloom was looking for an agency partner to manage their Amazon Advertising with a focus on profitability and growth.

The Situation

Voloom had been working with a full-service agency who was not able to reach their ACoS goals or gain traction on high-converting keywords. They came to Blue Wheel wanting to be profitable at a specific ACoS while still growing their sales — a combination that can be tricky to get right.

Our Expertise

Performance-Driven Strategies

Our Amazon Account Managers & Specialists understand the best strategies to reach each of your goals.

Content Optimization

Your product detail page content directly correlates to conversions — so you need an expert team to make your listing images, description copy, and A+ content stand out.

The Solution

Balancing ACoS and Scalability

Maintaining a profitable ACoS while still scaling your Amazon business for growth is a difficult balance to achieve — but it can be done! Our Search Term Isolation strategy does just that by negating nonprofitable keywords to avoid wasted spend.

Understanding Impact of Other Channels

Voloom’s Amazon business doesn’t exist in a silo — we consulted with the brand to help them understand that their performance on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram was instrumental to their success on Amazon.

Created A+ Content

The content team at Blue Wheel launched brand-new A+ content for Voloom's top-selling products, enhancing their product detail pages to increase their conversion rate.

Real Results

In less than a year, Blue Wheel achieved...







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