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The Need

In the 2 months before joining Blue Wheel, Layer 8’s average ACoS was at 61%.

The Situation

Focused on merging functionality with style and innovation with comfort, Adjmi Apparel (Layer 8) has become one of the fastest growing fitness brands in the nation. Layer 8 wanted a partner with sophisticated technology and a complex strategy to ensure they could launch multiple products without adversely affecting performance.

Our Expertise

Driving Low ACoS

Implementing Dynamic Bidding and Search Term Isolation strategies, while supporting product launches.

Increase Sales

Identifying opportunities to enhance brand and advertising to increase sales.

The Solution

Identifying inefficiencies, developing thoughtful digital advertising, and execution against target goals.

Decreased ACoS

Before Blue Wheel took over Layer 8’s advertising, they were advertising lots of products but had a very high ACoS. To decrease ACoS, Blue Wheel implemented a strategy of keyword isolation and advanced bid management to bring ACoS down to 30% without causing sales to drop.

Increased Sales

With our Search Term Isolation system, we identified and isolated all converting keywords. With more keywords, we had more opportunities to find customers. Once our system isolates keywords, it raises or lowers bids to maximize conversions toward an ACoS goal.

Real Results

Together with Blue Wheel, Layer 8 achieved...





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