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The Need

A high-end hair care brand was only using Amazon to protect their brand presence. They came to Blue Wheel to conquest new customers on the site.

The Situation

This luxury care care brand wanted to begin shifting their Amazon strategy from maintaining their brand presence to actively growing their Amazon business. To do that, they needed to branch out into nonbranded search — but they needed help finding out the best way to advertise in a crowded marketplace full of cheaper products.

Our Expertise

Search Term Isolation

We successfully competed for relevant nonbranded terms and excluded terms that weren't profitable.

The Solution

Blue Wheel diversified and increased nonbranded ad spend to capture additional marketplace share.

Nonbranded Search Term Isolation

We thoughtfully targeted relevant nonbranded search terms, avoiding generic terms that were expensive and not profitable for the brand. By bidding on more specific keywords, we were able to successfully leverage these terms for profitability.

Competitor Keyword Conquesting

By researching keywords similarly-priced competitors were targeting, we were able to bid on those terms to appear alongside our direct competitors and begin to take over those terms.

ASIN-Targeting Campaigns

We tested targeting complementary ASINs in an effort to upsell those shopping in related categories like luxury hair styling tools.

Maintain Branded Coverage

Branded content was an integral part of the brand's strategy, so we maintained that coverage to ensure it wasn't taken over by competitors.

Real Results

In just 7 months, Blue Wheel helped...





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