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The Need

A brand's desire to increase revenue, focus on customer acquisition, support retail efforts, and create the perfect creative equation.

The Situation

A new year with Blue Wheel brought on new challenges and goals. Grande Cosmetics was looking for ways to elevate their creative, bring attention to new and existing products, and acquire new customers — all while maintaining a strong ROAS.

Our Expertise

Acquire New Customers

Entice new customers with low-priced kits on awareness-driving channels.

Support Retail Efforts

Continue to support Grande from on paid social and launch new products at retail partners.

Creative Consulting

Understand what creative works best, what to create more of, and what tells the story the best.

The Solution

Blue Wheel saw an impact on existing opportunities due to advertising efforts and implemented integrated digital strategies to identify new opportunities and achieve long-term goals.

Acquire New Customers

As we started to see success in our revenue-driving channels, we began moving budget towards testing and awareness platforms, starting customer acquisition campaigns on Facebook and non-brand paid search with low-priced kits. We also started awareness efforts on Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok.

Creative Consulting

We re-structured Facebook campaigns to optimize for their promotional marketing calendar while still maintaining a strong evergreen presence. In doing this, we were able to do some creative testing within those campaigns, running multiple creatives alongside of each other. This allowed us to understand which creative performs best for which audience so we could to provide actionable insight.

Support Retail Efforts

We focused on select products for Ulta and Sephora to drive attention to cult introductory products. We kept an eye on sales numbers from each retailer, making shifts accordingly and driving awareness towards new products and relaunches.

Real Results

Blue Wheel achieved...

7 Months






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