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The Need

Deer Stags, a men’s shoe brand, had been selling their products on Amazon but wanted to increase online sales and lower their ACOS.

The Situation

Deer Stags has a variety of shoe offerings for men and boys. They had structured their account around broad keywords that resulted in a ton of overlap between keywords, lowering their conversion rate and not allowing their products to appear for the most relevant search term.

Our Expertise

Lowering ACOS

We’re experts in creating campaigns that lead to a lower ACOS over time.

Increasing Conversion Rate

By optimizing keywords and search results, we make sure your products are seen by interested audiences.

Structuring Campaigns

Using Search Term Isolation, we structure campaigns to achieve the best combination of keywords and products.

The Solution

By restructuring Deer Stags’ campaigns, we were able to eliminate overlap between keywords and allow popular products to appear in relevant search results.

Restructured Campaigns

We eliminated overlap within and across campaigns. We broke these out and optimized each keyword with the product that relates most closely, allowing our conversion rate to increase by 35% in just two months. On the day we launched the new campaigns, sales increased and ACOS decreased nearly instantly because our products were getting into the hands of people who were searching for them.

Solid Strategy

The strategy that we implemented for Deer Stags proved to be almost immediately successful, but we owe that to the fact that we have nearly perfected the strategy that we call Search Term Isolation. By negating keywords that aren’t returning and isolating keywords that have a high conversion rate, relevant products are highlighted and are relevantly placed on SERPs.

Real Results

Real Results


Lowered ACOS


Increase in Ad Sales


Decrease in Ad Spend

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