Thursday, April 30, 2020 @ 1PM EST

Introducing the first-ever anti-webinar

How to Prepare for Amazon's Next Policy Change or Shutdown

While COVID-19 is likely the biggest disruption to our economy (and your business) that we’ve seen in recent history, it’s not the first or last time that a world event or policy change will affect your business.
Our Amazon experts Whitney Weaver and Ryan Burgess are giving you their top 3 moves you can make now to prepare yourself for the next major event:
  • A way to manage inventory better so you are not as reliant on FBA
  • Advertising tips to handle a sudden increase or decrease in search volume or demand
  • How to create an omnichannel presence on online so your business isn’t completely reliant on Amazon.

This webinar is for any Amazon seller who:

  • doesn’t have Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) set up
  • wants to be prepared for a future crisis similar to the current situation
  • is curious about how to hedge against Amazon policy or shipping changes

The Panelists

Katana Williams
Business Development Representative

Casey McRae
Amazon Advertising
Account Manager

Whitney Weaver
Amazon Advertising
Account Manager

Ryan Burgess
Director of Amazon

About Anti-Webinars

We get it. Most webinars suck. They’re either a not-so-secret sales pitch or offer no valuable information.

So we created the anti-webinar.

We stripped away all the B.S. that makes webinars so unbearable, and kept the good stuff — like engaging panelists and relevant topics.

Each anti-webinar will include:

  • Trends & insights — our Amazon advertising team will share their secrets and tips, as well as what they’re noticing across their accounts
  • Live Q&A — ask your burning questions to our panelists! (Just don’t ask them on a date.)

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