Amazon Account Audit

What is the AMZN
Advertising Audit?

The AMZN Audit is a deep dive into the overall health of your Amazon Seller Account

The AMZN Audit is offered to qualifying brands looking to have a data-driven analysis of their Amazon Account.


Our audit provides unique, impactful, and actionable strategies you can implement immediately.


We evaluate your account's current opportunities, illustrate wasted ad spend, and showcase how Search Term Isolation can help you scale.


Our audit identifies areas where we can reduce your ACoS and grow your sales.

No Cost

The audit is 100% free, complimentary, and no obligation.

Leveraging the reports available in Seller Central, we are able to identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns, provide a competitive analysis, and showcase how Search Term Isolation can be leveraged to increase your sales and decrease your ACoS through advertising campaign optimizations.

How do we perform the
Amazon Advertising Audit?

Our team of top 100 Amazon Sellers dive deep into the last 60 days of ad data using your Search Term Report. We take this data and use it to audit your overall Amazon account health.

"Even with an 11% ACoS, Blue Wheel still identified over $80,000 in wasted ad spend"

Our team of Amazon experts then identify opportunities to advance your Amazon account through best practice optimizations, wasted ad spend reductions, and additional advertising strategies to scale your business.

Why are we providing the Amazon Advertising Audit for free?

This 100% free AMZN Audit is offered to qualifying brands to directly showcase how Search Term Isolation is affecting the overall Amazon marketplace and how it can directly affect your seller account for revenue growth and ACoS optimization.

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Amazon Audit

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