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Reporting, Insights & Analytics

Retail Bloom provides brands with insight and expertise cultivated from over ten years of marketplace experience.

Reporting & Administration

Staying aware of your business trends is important to become prepared for the future while understanding the current status of your ads, sales, and inventory. Each of these types of reports is monitored and interpreted. Retail Bloom collects and reports on information crucial to brand success, ensuring our efforts are positively impacting your brand image and sales across marketplaces.

Enterprise-Quality Insights

Retail Bloom has partnered with market leader, Profitero to offer our clients the best-in-class eCommerce insights with Profitero Pro. We understand the importance of providing all brands the same access to quality analytics and resources to not only keep up with the big brands but also beat out their competitors.

For a more in-depth look at Profitero’s insights and abilities, read our blog post.

Our Services

We take care of your online store.

We manage your eCommerce marketplace account (whether you sell directly to Amazon or Walmart as a vendor or sell directly to consumers as a seller), while you manage inventory, orders and fulfillment.

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