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The fervor for finding influencers to work with on social networks has reached a fever pitch. Imagine, someone that can capture your brand/product in an authentic light and offer it up to thousands of followers. It’s no wonder social media marketers are throwing big money at these big time bloggers/social networkers.

If your ambition far exceeds your budget, there are still ways to get influencers interested in what your company is doing. By being tenacious, calculated and friendly (three words not often put together), you can raise your brand’s awareness amongst key individuals that will help you propel your own social networks forward. Check out these tips for interacting with potential influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and start creating the base of a long-term relationship.

Finding Your Influencers

The first step to being successful in the world of influencers is to find the right person for your brand. Sure, the photographer who travels all over the world, takes amazing pics and has 100,000 followers may seem ideal, but what is the correlation to your brand? Focus on influencers who have slightly smaller follower bases (20k-50k) that have a direct connection to what you are doing. Also, it’s important to do a little research to make sure your influencer isn’t already connected to one of your competitors.

Building A Repore

Big things start small. Began your relationship with your influencer by simply liking their photos, favoriting their Tweets and their repining unique content. Over time, your brand name will begin to stick in your influencer’s head as you secretly build up a backlog of engagement in their head. Each notification will create a mental note, especially over a prolonged period of time.

Pro Tip: Don’t like every single post! Nothing turns off an influencer like an overbearing brand who is trying to show love by clicking anything possible on their social media networks.

The First Comment

The time has come! You’ve been patiently building up a silent repore with your influencer by liking and favoriting their posts in a controlled manner. Now, you’ll finally make your move and leave the first comment from your brand. Be brief, state what you like about their social presence and ask for the best email to reach them. Save the details for the next step in the process, a reach out email.

Reaching Out Via Email

With contact email in hand, take to crafting a unique reach out email that will let your potential influencer know that you are different than other companies. Explain what makes your brand special! If you have great social followings, offer specifics and talk about how you can expose their work to a completely new set of fans. Been in business for an extremely long time? Talk about your work in the industry and that being connected with your brand can lead to some great benefits.

Pro Tip: While it’s important to explain what your relationship may entail, try offering a brief idea and leaving the particulars to a phone conversation. Words can often become minced in the context of an email, especially one that includes communication with someone you are talking to for the first time. Sell them on being your influencer by having an in-depth chat by phone.

Working to create a relationship with a social influencer can seem like a battle, but it doesn’t have to be. By creating a track record of engaging with their posts, leaving a simple positive comment and embellishing in a email, you’ll be able to win over influencers and have them working with your brand in no time.


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