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Blue Wheel Fast Fives: Vanessa Lee

Blue Wheel Fast Fives: Vanessa Lee

“I’m honored you chose me to be a cool, normal person to represent Blue Wheel.”

That’s how our call with Vanessa Lee started. Not quite self-deprecating, but not quite self-assured. The tinge of sarcasm in that one line let us know she’s funny without being over the top.

When asked what her favorite core value of Blue Wheel is (we call them by the acronym YOOCI), Vanessa was quick to announce that she’s partial to Organize, Conquer, and Deliver, because she’s a lover of organization, color-coding, and making lists. If you close your eyes, you can imagine Vanessa in college, highlighters in hand, color-coding her notes in the library while studying for a final exam.

In college, Vanessa majored in education — which is a far cry from her current position as an Amazon Advertising Account Manager. “I would tell my 21-year-old self that it’s okay to change your course of action and explore other options to find what makes you happy.”

We’re certainly thankful Vanessa explored other options and ended up at Blue Wheel. Her presence is such a joy at the online office. I mean, she dressed up as a postal worker with a “Save USPS” badge for our company Halloween party. Need we say more?

We’re also semi-hopeful that she explores another interest of hers once we can go back to an in-person office — cooking. When asked what skill she’d want to pick up in an instant, she wholeheartedly said she’d want to cook at the level of a Michelin star chef. “I’ve eaten at one Michelin rated restaurant in South Korea and it was the most delicious and memorable meal I’ve ever had in my entire life, not including my mom’s, obviously.”

You could see Vanessa’s eyes light up as she fondly remembered that meal. That same light in her eyes came back when, oddly enough, we asked what her last weirdest purchase was on Amazon. “I bought a moss pole to support my growing monstera plant,” she says proudly yet shyly. This answer is unsurprising for someone who’s after-work title is “Cat & Plant Mom.”

After Vanessa and I gushed about our growing house plants (hers, a monstera; mine, a fiddle leaf fig) and the need for poles to help them grow straight, we logged off, and I knew that we indeed had picked the right cool, normal person to represent Blue Wheel.

Watch Vanessa’s full Fast Fives video below!

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