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Blue Wheel Fast Fives: Tayler Carpenter

Blue Wheel Fast Fives: Tayler Carpenter

At the start of our call, Tayler frustratedly fixes a few flyaway hairs on the side of her head.

“I look like a yorkie! What is going on here?” (I personally think she looked more like her dog, Sparty, who regularly makes an appearance in our company pets Slack channel dubbed #furryfriends.)

Tayler dons pink eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and a red-ish lip — fitting for someone who runs multiple makeup and skincare Instagram accounts in her free time. “My current thing is filming Reels on IG and perfecting transitions going from no makeup to either glam or just fun makeup looks.”

What does one listen to while filming hours of makeup looks? Turns out, just about everything: “My current playlist has DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, Jack Harlow, Glass Animals, Beyonce, Fall Out Boy, Talking Heads, Los Campesinos, Local Natives, Cut Copy, Lord Huron, Drake, Yeah Yeah Yeahs — I like a lot of variety!”

Unsurprisingly, this is only the first time Drake was mentioned in our conversation. While rehearsing an answer to the question “What is your biggest professional achievement to date?” Tayler’s eyes light up, and she excitedly asks, “Oh my gosh, can I quote Drake right now?!”

Tayler goes on to tell the story of how she grew the advertising team at Blue Wheel from 1 employee (her) to 12. She finishes her retelling: “I guess you could say we started from the bottom, and now we’re here.”

Tayler makes the whole process of growing a department from the ground up seem easy, but anyone who knows Tayler will tell you that not only is she super smart, she’s also super organized. Tayler fully owns this characteristic about herself: “I love organization, although my parents may have a different opinion seeing as my room was never the cleanest…”

As she grew her department, she had to maintain that level of organization while creating internal processes, developing unique advertising strategies, as well as managing clients and running campaigns. No big deal.

It’s hard to imagine Tayler doing anything but being an absolute boss running her department as the Director of Advertising. But it turns out that 21-year-old Tayler really wanted to work for Lollapalooza. (Could this be our third Drake reference of the interview?)

Like most people, Tayler’s career path didn’t go exactly the way she thought it would. She describes her journey as such: “Your career path isn’t linear. In fact, it’s anything but! There will be times when you take one step forward, 3 steps to the left, 4 steps back, sprain your ankle and stop walking all together, cha cha real smooth, then end up on a completely different path on a whole other level that you even started with.”

Her final piece of advice to her younger self? “Always wear sunscreen every day.”

I think it’s time for me to adopt the Tayler Carpenter routine: Apply SPF. Put on some mascara. Get shit done.

Watch Tayler’s Fast Fives video below!

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