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Blue Wheel Fast Fives: Raegan Baty

Blue Wheel Fast Fives: Raegan Baty

From the moment you see Raegan, you get a sense of who she is. Whether or not you believe in auras or energies, you can immediately sense that Raegan has a peaceful one.

She has a patterned silk scarf tied around her head like an old Hollywood movie star getting ready to take a ride in a convertible. Her clear, square glasses fall slightly down the bridge of her nose, so she absentmindedly pushes them up with her hands every so often. Behind her glasses are serious-looking eyes — the kind that always seem to be thinking about something more.

We start recording, and Raegan calmly recites her answers in a way that makes you believe she will accomplish whatever she sets out to do. “I rehearsed like fives times last night to prepare,” she confesses.

Our creative director gives her a few notes: “Give me more energy! Let’s see your sparkling personality!”

Raegan softly shimmies her shoulders, shyly smiles, and takes a few deep breaths — you can tell she’s giving it all she’s got, but her aura is just calm. She’s not the loud, boisterous one at the party; she’s the one asking you about your dreams and ambitions near the snack table.

Her personality shines when she’s talking about planning, executing, and achieving her goals. She visibly lights up when asked, “What would you do with a million dollars?” Most people might say something simple like “buy a house” or “pay off my student loans,” but Raegan isn’t most people.

“I love this question!” she gushes off-camera. “I’m a financial fanatic.”

For the sake of the video, we cut down Raegan’s answer to a few sentences. But we have to share that her initial answer was an incredibly detailed breakdown of exactly what she would do with that exact amount of money.

“The real question is ‘How would I make a million dollars work for me?’” asks Raegan, ever the philosopher. She goes on to break down her financial dreams — from consulting financial guru Dave Ramsey and investing in Vanguard Exchange Traded Funds to joining the Wall Street Bets group on Reddit to get in on an up-and-coming business investment and becoming part-owner of a Shark Tank–approved business. And, of course, donating to charity, buying a house in Spain, and giving her mom $100K.

A co-worker on the recording with Raegan sat, mouth agape, after her detailed initial answer. “Boss babe energy!” she gushes. And it’s true — Raegan does exhibit boss babe energy, but not in the typical hustle culture way. She’s Boss Babe meets Bob Ross. And we’re lucky to know her.

Watch Raegan’s full Fast Fives video below!

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