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Blue Wheel Fast Fives: Nick Bond

Blue Wheel Fast Fives: Nick Bond

I’m not sure what I expected from someone who’s self-described after-work title is “Turtleneck and Tracksuit Connoisseur,” but Nick Bond’s description of himself is spot on.

From the moment the Zoom doorbell rang and Nick’s face appeared, you just know he is exactly who he says he is — black turtleneck, gold chain and bracelet, wire-framed glasses, and perfectly styled hair. His bright white smile is surrounded by a manicured beard.

Nick says what we were all thinking, owning his look: “I’ve got this Steve Jobs look goin’ on right now.” He clearly has confidence in who he is. I mean, who else would dare to draw style inspiration from these two icons?

But Nick’s style apparently vacillates depending on where he’s at and what he’s doing. When asked the most inspiring place he’s ever traveled, Nick confidently answered with Colombia. “It was definitely my vibe. Very Miami Vice. It gave me a bit of a culture shock experience where I changed up my style and the way I presented myself.” Yup, we see it.

Throughout our call, Nick constantly referred to inanimate objects as “she,” a funny quirk that seems both unintentional and purposeful. “How does she save?” he asks as he’s trying to save our recording. But, like everything else Nick does, it feels like it’s just part of who he is — a mix of professional and laid back, serious and funny.

Later, when asked what his current favorite GIF is, Nick responds with this still from Wandavision:

“This image lives in my head rent free,” he says, and you can almost imagine him sending this to a co-worker over Slack. Nick is certainly funny, but in an understated way — the way that would send this meme and have the recipient rolling with laughter while Nick sits back and smirks.

Nick’s demeanor is certainly one of professionalism; you can tell he thinks about what he says before he says it, has an answer for every question, and makes you feel like he can solve all of your problems.

And then, every so often, he’ll crack a joke that reminds you he’s not just the Director of Account Strategy. He’s also Nick Bond, Turtleneck and Tracksuit Connoisseur.

Watch Nick’s Fast Fives video below!

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