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Tips for 2020 Mother’s Day (And All Other) Ads

Tips for 2020 Mother’s Day (And All Other) Ads

Our team feels like we’ve seen waaaaay more ads for Mother’s Day items/promos this year than we have any other year. Brands are advertising a variety of Mother’s Day promotions:

  • X% off / $X off $X
  • Gift with Purchase
  • Buy X Ship X
  • Gift Cards
  • Bundles

Maybe it’s just because we’re noticing any ad that isn’t related to COVID-19. Or maybe it’s because brands are doubling down on advertising in order to boost sales.

We’ve seen a 38% increase in Facebook CPMs, likely due to all of these Mother’s Day ads.

The consensus across our teams was that brands are likely pivoting their strategies to be more “normal,” rather than relating their copy fully to staying at home.

It’s important to still be sensitive to the current situation, while still transitioning the focus of your ads to meet your brand’s current needs as well. We’ve compiled a few tips that will help you craft your Mother’s Day ads, as well as any ads moving forward.

Be Sensitive

We mentioned this in brief, but it’s so important to still be sensitive to the state of the world in your ads. While you don’t have to directly mention “staying at home” or “staying safe,” you can still craft your ads in a way that makes sense in light of the current situation.

For example, saying something like “Celebrate with Mom, from wherever you are” or “Send your mom a surprise she’ll love.”

Make It Easy

Some brands are offering 2 for 1 promos, where you buy two of the same item and ship them to different addresses. If you offer that sort of promo, make it easy to enter in two addresses, and perhaps offer free shipping on one of the shipments.

This tip is, of course, true for all of the time — you should reduce friction for your customer as much as possible. Removing all barriers to purchase will increase your conversion rate and make for a better user experience.

Consider Delaying Product Launches

Previously, we had advised brands to move forward with product launches because the demand was there. And while only you can make that decision, we encourage you to potentially consider delaying your product launch, especially if it will come across as disingenuous.

Some brands have come under fire for launching and promoting expensive products in a time when unemployment is nearing record highs and death tolls are still climbing in many states.

Consider the pro and cons of launching a new product, and keep the first point of being sensitive in mind. If you think an ad could seem at all disingenuous, don’t post it.

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