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3 Things Every Brand Needs to Do To Effectively Scale Digital Advertising Campaigns

3 Things Every Brand Needs to Do To Effectively Scale Digital Advertising Campaigns

Digital advertising is a great way for brands to see an immediate impact on their returns. If you’re like a lot of younger brands or brands new to the digital space, you might not know where to begin!

Before you start spending money on Facebook or AdWords, it’s important to know how to set yourself up for scalability and success. Jon McGraw, Director of Strategy and Planning, and Nick Bond, Senior Account Manager, recently sat down to talk about what every brand should do to effectively set up and scale their digital ads.

#1: Set Clear Performance Goals

This helps you know exactly what goals you want to hit, how you want to hit it, and what you want to do to get there. Knowing your key performance indicators is especially important for any type of campaign you’re running. By setting clear goals before you start your campaigns, you’ll be ensuring that you have a solid plan to get there and a way to measure success.

#2: Standardize Your Attribution Measurement

Before you create your campaign, you should determine the attribution window you’ll follow. This might be the attribution window set by Facebook or Google, or you might choose to set your own (like Blue Wheel does) to make sure the data is clean and best reflects the true impact of each of your advertising channels. Once you pick your attribution window for each channel, stick to reviewing the data through that lens so you can see what impact your tests are making to your campaigns. 

For every KPI you set, you’ll need to know which attribution window you are looking at to measure those KPIs.

#3: Enough Time and Resources to Run Effective Tests

There are a lot of things our brands want to test. From imagery, to copy, to audiences, there can be an overwhelming amount of data to sort through to make effective decisions. Many brands don’t understand how much time and budget is needed to get data that makes an impact. Testing requires time, ample budget, and the right KPIs to get tangible results.

Check back later in the week for a breakdown of each of these points! And be sure to check out Blue Wheel on LinkedIn, where Jon and Nick first talked about this topic!

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