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Skincare Marketing: Creative Strategies for Success

Skincare Marketing: Creative Strategies for Success

In the world of skincare marketing, there’s a lot of best practices for your creative. There’s so much to consider when you’re creating photo and video content for your advertising and marketing efforts, and each can serve a different purpose at various points in the customer journey.

We’ve outlined a few best practices for skincare marketing creative! (PS our creative department is experts at all things skincare and content.)


skincare marketing banila

In any industry, highlighting a diverse range of models is incredibly important. In the skincare space, it becomes even more important, as your products can perform differently on different skin tones and types. It’s also important to remember that diversity includes race, gender, age, and ability.

Sunscreen, for example, is one product that should be shown on multiple skin tones, as it can often have a white cast. Only showing this product on lighter-toned skin can be misleading if the product performs differently on darker-toned skin.

These Facebook ads from Banila show their products in a variety of settings on different models. Each setting for these ads is unique, colorful and highlights the natural beauty of each model.

Product Texture

skincare marketing erno laszlo

Showing the texture of products in your skincare marketing is absolutely a must. Not only does this showcase your high-quality product (because duh), it also gives consumers an idea of what to expect when they use the product — is it a cream or gel? Lightweight or rich? Tinted or transparent?

This is also a great opportunity to incorporate video into your advertising. Show how the product comes out of the package, and then spread it across a clean surface to show the viscosity and texture.

This Instagram ad from Erno Laszlo showcases the unique texture and color of their clay mask. You can easily tell the product is luxurious, smooth, and unique. And, of course, the GIF is fun too!

Product Reviews

skincare marketing korres

If your product is a cult fav, you need to share those rave reviews with people who aren’t customers yet. Highlighting reviews on your paid and organic social and search is a great way to convert leads into customers.

If your product has a massive amount of 5-star reviews, you can share something like “See why our eye cream has earned over 5,000 5-star reviews!” Or, if you have some particularly great reviews from customers, share those to social as a ‘real-life testimonial’.

This Facebook ad from Korres not only shows that they have 5-star reviews at Sephora, but also shows specific customer reviews that speak to the effectiveness of the product! Bonus points that they show texture here too.

UGC/Influencer Content

skincare marketing bliss

UGC, or user-generated content, is a great way to show how your products fit into your customer’s lifestyle. Shots of your product on a shelf among other skincare items, customers actually using your product, or a short video of the product in use are great examples of UGC content.

Repurposing influencer content is another great type of creative to include in your skincare marketing. If you do influencer marketing, you likely have high-quality shots from those campaigns, as well as some testimonials, that you can use. Plus, you’ll be taking advantage of the recognition that influencers have on social media — potential customers will likely recognize the influencer’s face or name!

This Instagram story from Bliss features YouTube star Emma Chamberlain, one of their influencer partners for their Clear Genius campaign. By leveraging the content she produced, they can take advantage of the recognition she has (she has 10M+ subscribers on YouTube) and the results achieved!

Product Ingredients

skincare marketing caudalie

Listing the ingredients that are in your product is a great way to showcase your product in a different way. In today’s skincare-focused world, many consumers will recognize and seek out common ingredients like salicylic acid, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E.

Highlight the ingredients, but also the benefits they have for skin, in case consumers aren’t sure what that ingredient could do for their skin.

This Facebook ad from Caudalie highlights the main ingredient of salicylic acid while also educating the consumer about what the ingredient and product can do for their skin. Showing how the product looks when applied is a great addition too!

Product Benefits

skincare marketing versed

Your skincare product probably has a ton of great benefits — so share them with the world! Highlighting the benefits of your product in your skincare marketing plan is a surefire way to educate top-of-the-funnel prospects.

Remember, Facebook does not allow before-and-after shots that are unrealistic or unlikely, so be sure your images meet those requirements. Also be careful not to make any claims that aren’t true or are over the top. Just mention the tried and true benefits customers’ skin will receive after using your product!

This Facebook ad from Versed showcases the benefits of the product in the copy and creative, while also utilizing a customer review for the product! Bonus points awarded for showing the texture of the product as well.

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