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How to Find the Best Instagram Content Creation Agency

How to Find the Best Instagram Content Creation Agency

It’s a lot of work to find the best Instagram content creation agency — it’s not just as simple as signing a contract, although that would definitely be less time-consuming! You need to vet each agency for their social know-how as well as their creative skills.

Below, we’ve outlined some of our top tips for finding the best Instagram content creation agency, whether you’re looking to switch from your current agency or are looking to work with one for the very first time.

How to Find the Best Instagram Content Creation Agency


Obviously, you’ll want to do your research on each Instagram agency you’re looking into. Browse their website and look at how they market themselves, what clients they’ve worked with in the past, and, most importantly, what their Instagram account looks like.

If they don’t have high-quality content on their Instagram account, then they might not be the best fit for you. After all, you want someone who can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Look at Previous Work

Case studies are a great indicator of how an agency can potentially help you. Everyone in marketing knows that data doesn’t lie, but that data can also be presented in a way that might not tell the whole story.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the specifics of an individual case study. If the agency is as good as they say they are, they’ll be more than happy to gush about the work their team did for a specific brand.


Look, we get it — talking with sales teams can be a nightmare. But it is indisputably an important part of finding the right agency partner. Your interactions with their sales team can be an indication of how your partnership could go in the future.

Are they responsive to emails, or do they take 3 business days to reply? Do they have answers to your questions, or are they uninformed about the business? Do you get along with them, or are your interactions forced? Your agency partner should be someone you trust, have confidence in, and genuinely like.

What to Look for in an Instagram Content Creation Agency

Dedicated Content Creation Department

If you’re looking for someone to create content for your Instagram account, you definitely want them to have a dedicated content creation department. (AKA you don’t want to hire them just to outsource it to a freelancer.)

Ask specifically about their creative department, including who will be working on your account. Do they have in-house photographers and graphic designers? Do they outsource any work that can be, like editing or modeling? The more they handle in-house, the easier communication and coordination will be between you both.

Advertising Experience

It’s obvious that organic social media is an entirely different beast than digital advertising — but an agency that has experience in both areas can apply its advertising-focused mind to social media. While of course this isn’t a requirement for an Instagram content creation agency to be successful, it definitely doesn’t hurt.

Ask specific questions about how they strategize organic Instagram content, how they coordinate organic and paid social strategies, and how they incorporate their advertising mindset into their organic social.

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