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Blue Wheel Creative Directors to be Featured in Wistia Series

Blue Wheel Creative Directors to be Featured in Wistia Series

Blue Wheel’s Creative Directors, Graham Burns and Jackson Cook, are featured in a new Wistia series called Show Business alongside other industry experts.

Show Business teaches you how to create video or podcast series for your business — from concept to production to promotion. Graham and Jackson consulted on pre-production and production, sharing their insight and knowledge as industry experts. They talk about everything from the importance of set design and gear to the value of planning.

The duo has extensive experience in video and photo creation, as well as producing podcasts and web series. Graham and Jackson previously owned their own creative studio, The Brothers Buoy, which was acquired by Blue Wheel in 2020. Now, the two serve as our Co-Creative Directors in our Creative Services department.

Show Business aims to teach brands how to create branded content  that is interesting and not intrusive  through the production of podcasts, web series, and the like. No matter your budget, you can create effective series that engage, educate, and entertain.

“This series encourages brands to think about their marketing differently. Instead of running an ad on a podcast, you can be the podcast,” says Graham. “This is the future of marketing. It’s not interruptive. You get to explore stories that are interesting, human, and entertaining — they just so happen to be tangentially related to your brand.”

Jackson offers a more personal note to their participation in the series: “It’s an interesting time capsule because we filmed this at least a year and a half ago years ago, and we were in such a different place. Being featured alongside these experts in the industry whom we admired was a great confidence builder.”

You can watch Show Business for free, and receive a Wistia certification in Brand Show Creation after you pass the test. Be sure to give a wave and a smile to Graham and Jackson when you see them in a few of the episodes!

Want Graham and Jackson to create high-quality photo and video content for your brand? Reach out to our Creative team today!

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