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Blue Wheel Welcomes Peter Kearns as new VP of Amazon

Blue Wheel Welcomes Peter Kearns as new VP of Amazon

Blue Wheel is excited to welcome Peter Kearns as our new Vice President of Amazon. He will head up our expanding team of Amazon advertisers who continue to provide advanced Amazon advertising solutions for our brands, through our Search Term Isolation bidding philosophy

Peter brings more than 15 years of experience in advertising, e-commerce, and business development to the Blue Wheel team. He has worked for companies such as the Discovery Channel,, Feedvisor, and Buy Box Experts, has been featured in leading publications like MSNBC, CNET, Entrepreneur Magazine, and NBC News, and has spoken at notable conferences and events across the country.

Over the past nine years, Peter has established himself as an Amazon expert, working with brands and retailers to help them establish and execute their Amazon strategy. Peter’s first four years in the Amazon space were spent as a member of Amazon’s Seller Services team where he oversaw the Consumables team, along with spending time on the Hardlines and FBA teams. While at Amazon, he and his team helped hundreds of brands of all shapes and sizes generate $750+ million (and growing) in sales. 

During his time at Amazon, Peter learned what sets successful brands apart from the rest. “As I have been working with brands over the years, one thing that has become very clear is that winners and losers on Amazon will be determined by the brands that can execute the right advertising strategies,” Peter says.

“With our ever-expanding team of Amazon experts and new offerings like content creation, we are excited to welcome Peter as a leader in our company to drive us to the next frontier,” says Trevor George, Founder and CEO of Blue Wheel. “As our team continues to grow, we needed someone with not only Amazon experience, but also the ability and experience to lead — and we are excited for Peter to fill that role here.”

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