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Blue Wheel Announces New Holiday to Balance Agency Life

Blue Wheel Announces New Holiday to Balance Agency Life

Blue Wheel has instituted a new holiday for its employees—eCommerce Weekend.

Every February, employees will receive an additional two days off work to enjoy a four-day holiday weekend. The announcement comes in the midst of Q4, the busiest time of the year for agencies. 

Strategizing and planning for the holiday season begins months in advance, and those plans begin to be executed in October—and it only picks up from there, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday being peak sales times for many eCommerce businesses and of course, putting pressure on ad agencies, and its people, to deliver. 

“It’s all hands on deck at almost every ad agency in Q4. We can’t change the extra work we all have to put in to deliver during this crucial time period,” says Eitan Reshef, President of Blue Wheel. “What we can change is what happens after Q4 is over. We added 2 extra PTO days as a small token of our appreciation and to make Blue Wheel an even better working environment for our people.”

In 2020, every employee will receive a Friday & Monday off of work for a long weekend. The announcement elicited excitement and appreciation from employees in the Birmingham office as well as satellite offices in San Diego and New York City.

“We we all work really hard during the holiday season so our clients are successful,” said Shelby Rothenberg, an Amazon Business Development Associate. “Having a leadership team that cares and rewards us by providing the work life balance we need is so vital to mental and physical well-being.”

Advertising Manager Tayler Carpenter echoed Shelby’s thoughts: “Traditionally, Q4 is hands down our busiest time of the year, as we put in a lot of hours working to perfect our clients’ holiday strategies. When our clients win, we win, and it makes the work all worth it! At Blue Wheel, every employee (and their time) is valued. With ecommerce weekend, it shows that leadership believes in not only our core values and sticks to them, but also believes in each employee!”

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