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Black History Month (And Beyond) at Blue Wheel

Black History Month (And Beyond) at Blue Wheel

In early 2020, Blue Wheel made a commitment to recognize the fact that the impact, achievements, and history of Black people in America should be shared louder. Black history is American history, and we wanted to improve how we as an agency could better support, recognize, and honor this fact. It wasn’t enough to just say we valued diversity and were inclusive. We had to do more.

So, last year, we launched an internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee in an effort to make Blue Wheel a better agency for everyone. We will now take action to help bridge the opportunity gap, and we’re committed to honoring Black History Month every February.

As part of our commitment to honor Black History Month, we’re launching a few initiatives that we’ll be rolling out over the course of February and the rest of the year.

Blue Wheel is blacking out our social channels and homepage for the entire month of February in honor of Black History Month. Our social profile photos and header images, as well the homepage of our website, will be blacked out to drive awareness.

For the month of February, Blue Wheelers will be sharing Black history facts on our Instagram! Follow along with us as we all learn more about some lesser known Black history facts. After all, Black history is American history! We’ll be sharing facts about important Black artists, musicians, and innovators in business and beauty!

Each day for the month of February, a member of our CSR committee will post a Black history fact in one of our internal Slack channels for everyone in the company to read. Slack is an integral tool to how our teams communicate about work, but we are committing to using the platform to educate our employees as well.

During the month of February, Blue Wheel will financially match donations that our employees make towards the Innocence Project, which gives wrongfully convicted people a second chance at living freely.

Blue Wheel is now offering Juneteenth as a paid company holiday. We’ll be officially making the announcement to our employees this month (spoiler!). 

While most companies offer the Fourth of July as a celebration of the freedom that Americans enjoy, not all Americans were made free on that day in 1776. It wasn’t until June 19, 1865, when slavery was officially abolished, that all Americans were truly free. We’re excited to celebrate the emancipation of those who had been enslaved and offer this day off to our employees to celebrate!

Follow along on our Instagram to learn with us this Black History Month.

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