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What Makes Great Amazon Product Listing Content?

Is your Amazon Product Listing built to compete with the biggest brands in the market? You may not realize it, but your Amazon Product Listing has a wide range of best practices, features, and tactics to build the perfect high converting listing that is required to drive incremental sales. Taking full advantage of every product photograph, feature bullet point, product title, and enhanced brand content is vital to converting shoppers into purchasers. Watch below as Daniel Tejada breaks down what you can be doing to improve your Amazon product listing immediately and jumpstart your success on the fastest growing e-commerce platform. 

In this video, we touch on the Amazon product listings and the importance of ensuring you are adhering to Amazon best practices and the competitive advantages that come along with ensuring you are doing so. We get hands-on with the brands you love—brands you know—and expose what they’re doing wrong on Amazon. You will be surprised to see how some of the top brands in the world are failing on Amazon by not taking full advantage of the product listing optimizations available to them and losing out on incremental sales to competitors that are. The value of investing in proper imagery, enhanced brand content, detailed broken out bullet feature points, and an Amazon-optimized product title is imperative to ensure you are maximizing your Amazon Product Listing and exposing more and more searchers to your products.

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