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What are the different types of Amazon ads?

Amazon is the fastest-growing e-commerce platform and it’s quickly becoming a necessity for businesses and brands alike to sell and advertise on Amazon if they wish to remain competitive.  With this surge in online sales activity, how do you stand out above your competition? 

The trick is knowing how to utilize each of Amazon’s advertising units appropriately using the principles of Search Term Isolation. Use only one and you’ll limit your exposure to a third of your audience, try using all three before you know how they work, you could blow your budget too soon! Below we’ve detailed each specific Amazon advertising type, what they do best and how to launch them with an integrated strategy, your welcome. 

Sponsored Brands Ads (formerly Headline Search Ads)

Sponsored Brands ads are premier Amazon real estate. These are located at the very top of Amazon product results pages and help to develop brand recognition as consumers search.

These ads are triggered by targeting product-based keywords that prompt your advertisement once the consumer has searched using the specified keyword. For example; A mother is buying wireless headphones as a holiday gift for her son. When she searches wireless headphones, a Sponsored Brand Ad could have your brand and product clearly displayed above anyone else’s search results! 

Featuring a custom message and collection of products, sponsored brand ads are your first line of defense when trying to stand out amongst the competition or simply make a friendly introduction to an eligible shopper. If you can’t get your product to show up on the first page organically, dominate your natural competition by standing out at the very top with a Sponsored Brand advertisement today!

Product Display Ads

Have you ever wanted to target a consumer the moment just before they’re about to purchase your competitor’s product? Believe it or not, Amazon’s made it possible with their Product Display Ads. These ads literally live on your competitor’s product pages, begetting consumers to check out your product instead.

Product display ads often feature a headline (product/offer text), an image of the product from its listing, the price and a review aggregation.  This is often why ensuring you have a competitive price and a healthy review reputation is essential to being successful on Amazon. 

The crucial difference between Sponsored Brand Ads and Product Display Ads is how they’re triggered to display. Where Sponsored Brand Ads are triggered in search results based on keywords used to search for products, Product Display Ads are positioned on specific product details pages to match audience interests and consumer purchasing behaviors. This is one of the reasons why you might see these ads in products you’re already viewing. Amazon understands what you’re trying to purchase and now it’s identified a key opportunity where you can propose an alternative offer to the buyer. 

Sponsored Products Ads

Sponsored Product Ads use keywords you’ve chosen to trigger a Product Listing Advertisement directly above Organic Product Search Results. 

This is very similar to Sponsored Brand Ads, but instead of showcasing multiple products and introducing a consumer to a brand as an advertisement, Sponsored Product Ads feel and appear more native in the organic product results. These ads are akin to sponsored ads in search engines as they appear above the organic results via a PPC strategy but still appear to an audience member as if it were an organic result.

Sponsored Product Ads can target visitors both automatically and manually. Automatic targeting is handled by Amazon using the product details entered on the listing page and consumer purchasing habits. By reading the details of your products, Amazon can match it to results pages for consumers looking for a relevant, or similar product. Manually advertisers can input a list of keywords they want to pay to have their product ad show for. Automatic targeting is a good discovery method for identifying keywords/audiences you may not have thought of, but the degree of control from a manual targeting campaign can help to more efficiently control your budget and increase return. 

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