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How to Create an Appealing Amazon Brand Store

Creating an appealing Amazon Brand Store is a huge part of your overall Amazon strategy. Not only does it aid your advertising efforts, but it also builds up your brand on the marketplace, allowing you to gain more lifetime value from your customers.

If you’ve never created a brand store before, or are not sure how to optimize it to reach your goals, here are Blue Wheel’s tips for creating an appealing Amazon Brand Store.

Write Appealing Copy

Your headline is one of the most important parts of your Amazon Brand Store. It’s likely the first item viewers will read! Here are a few basic points to remember when creating headlines and copy in your brand store.

First, be sure to include your brand name and logo on the store page banners. This helps build brand awareness and encourages consumers to look for your brand name and products when shopping on and off Amazon.

Second, include copy that is inclusive of your brand and the products being advertised. Don’t add generic filler content — make sure every word in your copy is relevant and necessary. It should be abundantly clear who your brand is and how your product can help the viewer.

Lastly, if possible, create specific banners with unique copy for each category page. For example, for our work with Peanuts, we created banners for their different product categories, such as Books and Games, and then we updated each of these to match the current seasonality. (More on that later.)

Make it Shoppable

Brand stores should not only look great, but they should also be super shoppable. Reducing friction in the buyer’s journey provides a great experience for your customers and increases conversions.

It’s important to include custom image panels with ASINs that correlate to each category. For example, for the Peanuts brand store, we include a school panel and list a backpack and book next to that panel. Each product image is linked to a specific ASIN, and the category panel is linked to the category itself.

Update for Seasonality

As we mentioned earlier, your Amazon Brand Store and accompanying ads should be updated for seasonality. Whether your product is traditionally seasonal or not, you can still find creative ways to update your assets to encourage sales.

Create Sponsored Brand Ads for specific holidays and seasons, linking to seasonal-specific items in your store. Whether you’re advertising Christmas items or back-to-school essentials, your seasonal ads and accompanying brand store can make a huge difference in sales.

Sponsored Brand Ads and Brand Stores Best Practices

Lastly, we’d like to share a few general best practices for Sponsored Brand Ads and Amazon Brand Stores.

  • Create SBAs to link directly to your store. This will encourage users to shop all of your categories and products rather than a single ASIN.
  • Include your brand logo in the SBA to build brand awareness.
  • Create custom copy for each SBA banner. Don’t rely on generic copy — update for seasonality and products.
  • Select up to 3 ASINs to feature in the SBA that will take the customer right to the PDP. Advertising individual products can provide great results on the search page.
  • Link SBA to a specific store or category page that the featured ASINs live on. Depending on your strategy, you might prefer to link to a specific category rather than an individual product.

Want to learn more? Tune in to our webinar on Amazon Brand Stores. Register today!

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