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Creating Amazon Content that Sells: Sponsored Brand Video

This is part 3 of our 3-part series on creating Amazon content that sells, where we break down our top three areas you can improve your content to boost sales. Read part 1 and part 2.

This blog post is based on our webinar “How Compelling is Your Amazon Content?”

We can’t talk about content without talking about video. Amazon is very hungry for video content, and this is especially noticeable in their launch of Sponsored Video Ads.

This ad type beta launched in January 2020, and was open to a select number of brands and only featured at the bottom of the SERP on the Amazon mobile app. Since then, it’s opened up to all sellers as an official ad type and has also migrated to the desktop SERP.

As a refresher, Sponsored Brand Videos have some unique requirements and restrictions that set them apart from other types of video advertisements. These videos advertise a single product, even though the ad type is called Sponsored Brand Videos. The videos must be between 6 and 45 seconds long, and audio is muted by default when scrolling.

Sponsored Brand Videos give you a broader reach, and will only continue to expand, as we expect Amazon to keep investing in this ad unit. Right now, there’s more limited competition as brands might not have video content readily available, which could mean higher ad sales for you!

We’re breaking down our recommendations for Sponsored Brand Videos!

Short and Sweet

Having run a large number of video ads for our clients, we’ve found that the ads that convert the best are between 10 and 20 seconds—long enough to be attention-grabbing but short enough to not lose the customer’s attention.

Generally, longer ads on platforms like Facebook are around 30 seconds, but on Amazon, we’ve seen the opposite to be more effective. People don’t engage with ads that are too short, but ads that are too long lose people’s attention. 10–20 seconds seems to be the sweet spot of the highest-converting ads based on the A/B testing we’ve done thus far.

No Audio and Minimal Subtitles

Video ads are muted by default on Amazon, and most customers won’t unmute the ad because it’s a little button in the right-hand corner. Most people don’t bother to click it, so you shouldn’t rely on audio to tell your story. If you do use audio, use a generic musicbed song, not talking, as most of that will be lost to your customer.

If you are using a video that has talking, absolutely make sure you have subtitles, because more often than not no one will hear the audio and will read it instead. But try to avoid vocalization and subtitles as much as you can. Let your visuals tell the story.

Visually Flashy and Colorful

Your video ad needs to be flashy and colorful, especially in the first 2 seconds. Studies have shown the first 2 seconds are the most important part of video advertising. These ads have a higher CTR because they stand out in comparison to the Sponsored Product Ads and SBAs on that same page. There’s so much white space that these colorful video ads really stick out

By making your video ad flashy and colorful, you’re really going to stand out and grab the customer’s attention, and you’ll see higher CTR, which of course is going to help drive more traffic to your pages.

Show, Don’t Tell

Show your product in action, whether it’s a use case or lifestyle shot. You really want to minimize bullet points in your video as much as possible. We found that action or lifestyle shots have some of the best returns.

Another tip is to not use reviews in your video, even if they are real customer reviews from your product. Amazon is a stickler for including reviews in video ads, and they’ll often disapprove ads that contain reviews or even “5 stars.”

Including individual reviews from your Amazon page is your best bet if you really want to include some kind of review, but you’re going to be prepared to back it up against Amazon in case they flag it. It opens up a whole can of worms, so we recommend focusing more on the product than the reviews behind it.

Create Amazon-Specific Videos

Of course, the requirements for this video ad set are semi-unique—the length, content, etc.are different from other platforms. They’re very product-specific, so it usually works best if you create videos with the purpose of quickly grabbing attention and getting them to your page, rather than telling a whole story in a minute-long video.

Another tip is to not reuse your video assets from your social media. In working with clients, we found that this doesn’t really work. Social ads usually include talking, are very brand-heavy, aren’t oriented around a single product, and are longer than 10–20 seconds. If possible, repackage those videos into something more Amazon-specific or get all-new video footage.

Maintain Brand Voice

Use the same fonts and logos as your brand, but don’t let your logo be the hero of the ad. Keeping your brand voice similar to what is in the listing can help further grab attention, increase conversions, increase brand loyalty, and really make people feel comfortable that they’re buying from you.

People usually go for the product not the brand on Amazon, so highlight the product as the hero of your ad. If you’re going after a brand-specific keyword, it might make sense to have your logo prominently featured. However, keep in mind that most Amazon customers are looking for generic keywords. You absolutely should include it, as it might help your brand’s halo sales, but it shouldn’t be your primary focus of your video ad.

Start Now, Optimize Later

Given the strong results and low CPCs of this ad type, now is the time to get in on these ads before they really blow up. This will be an opportunity for you to get a leg up on your competition and bring in sales before they can wrangle the appropriate assets together.

Even if you cannot put together really eye-catching content, you should try to get some video ads up fairly right now.

We’ve seen clients who put products up that are just a shot of the product with their brand logo fading in, and it actually is very successful. Even a simple video ad will bring more sales and more attention. Later on, you can work on crafting a better, flashier, and more optimized video. But now is the time to jump in while you can, even if you have very limited assets available!

For more information on creating Amazon content that sells, watch our webinar “How Compelling is Your Amazon Content?”

And, if you’re ready to take your Amazon video content to the next level, get a free Amazon audit. No pressure, no obligation—and it’s 100% free.

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