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Creating Amazon Content that Sells: Listing Imagery

This is part 2 of our 3-part series on creating Amazon content that sells, where we break down our top three areas you can improve your content to boost sales. Read part 1 here.

This blog post is based on our webinar “How Compelling is Your Amazon Content?”

With regards to listing imagery, Amazon-specific content converts better. A lot of brands try to reuse assets they have elsewhere, especially if you have a good social media presence or website. It’s tempting to recycle those assets on Amazon, but that can be a big mistake.

Things that may seem minor can make a big difference on Amazon, because Amazon doesn’t give you the flexibility to make large changes, like inserting HTML, to create a rich branding experience.

Instead, you have to pay attention to the small details, which really make all the difference when it comes to creating Amazon content that sells. Here are a few of our top tips for creating better listing imagery!

Don’t leave white space

Get rid of all white space. This goes for basically everywhere on your listing page or brand store page.

A good example of a place where brands often have extra white space is the main image for their product. Amazon requires that you have a blank white background for your featured product, but it’s important that you make that white background as small as possible so your product is as large as possible. This way, your image looks bigger on the SERP and on the product detail page, and that’s been shown to increase click-through rate.

Use Lifestyle Imagery

One item that will make the biggest difference in your listing imagery is to create lifestyle imagery that was made specifically for Amazon. These images show how your product can be used and helps the consumer envision what they’re going to use it for.

A really cost-effective way to generate this content if you don’t already have these assets is to work with micro-influencers on social media who can help you generate this content.

Add Graphic Callouts

While callouts aren’t allowed on your product’s featured image, you can and should definitely add graphic callouts for the rest of your product images. Callouts remind customers of the best features about your product.

An easy way to generate callouts is to take the relevant features (we mentioned this in our last post) such as washable or reversible, and add those call-outs into your description and imagery.

Another good callout is to show how your product works and give some easy tips and tricks. This not only shows your customer what the product can be used for, but also can aid them in using it to its full potential. (Because we know no one actually reads the instruction booklet, right?)

Avoid Text-Heavy A+/EBC

Amazon’s default modules for building A+ content include a lot of text, and if you work within that flow, you’ll be adding all that text to your listing. You want to minimize the amount of text within that content, so it’s important to edit that down.

Great A+ content has been shown to increase the overall sales of a product by 3–10%, according to Amazon. It’s really important to not overlook the benefits that A+ content can bring. Really try your best, and invest some money if that’s what it takes to create some great content that will convert.

For more information on creating Amazon content that sells, watch our webinar “How Compelling is Your Amazon Content?”

And, if you’re ready to take your Amazon content to the next level, get a free Amazon audit. No pressure, no obligation—and it’s 100% free.

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