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Amazon Grows

This week, Digiday published an article reflecting on Amazon’s emergence as the third leg of the triopoly of ad platforms—the other two being, of course, Google and Facebook.

Michael Bodley writes that despite Amazon’s enormous growth numbers, the company has a problem: “The thousands of small retailers dependent on its platform find Amazon’s byzantine and overlapping advertising programs difficult to navigate. In fact, many are turning to specialist providers to help — a sign that Amazon has not yet cracked the self-service ad systems that powered the rise of Google and Facebook.”

Enter the agency that can help these retailers: yours truly, Blue Wheel Media. Digiday quotes Daniel Kaufman, director of consumer experience for Homedics, a Michigan-based company that turned to Blue Wheel to help navigate Amazon’s extensive ad programs.

“You cannot be successful on Amazon today without a very robust advertising and promotion strategy.”

—Daniel Kaufman

He adds that it’s not like traditional retail, where you walk into a store and traverse the aisles until you find what you’re looking for. Amazon’s search-based platform offers up what you need in seconds with a few keystrokes, and the item you are most likely going to purchase will be the one that is correctly advertised to you. If the advertising is done properly, you won’t even see any other items.

Digiday goes on to describe Blue Wheel’s own carefully prepared list of criteria used to determine if potential clients are in a good position to sell well on Amazon. This includes businesses with at least five-figures in annual revenue; easy-to-read, SEO-friendly listings; and highly rated products.

Our chief commercial officer Eitan Reshef provided Digiday with an observation that perfectly bookended their piece, appearing both in the title and concluding statement.

“Amazon is still in its infancy in terms of advertising. We have a long way to go.”

—Eitan Reshef

That may be true, but you can speed up your business’ journey down that road with our help. Learn more about how Blue Wheel can be of service to your company’s Amazon efforts.

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