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Amazon Brand Store

So, you’ve spent hours building and ranking your listings and have great momentum in your sales. You’re building out a catalog of similar products that your customers love, and you’re looking for the next step.

What’s next? Well, if you haven’t done so already, you might want to consider building an incredible Amazon Brand Store to increase your brand’s reputation and presence in the Amazon catalog.

Building out a fantastic looking Amazon Brand Store is key to your advertising strategy—especially if you have multiple complementary products. To bring traffic to your store and its various pages, you should create Sponsored Brand (formerly known as Headline Search) ads that feature your brand’s logo plus three featured products. This ad will appear at the top of customers’ search results page, creating a great opportunity for interest.

4 key benefits and advantages of creating an Amazon Brand Store:

  • Amazon Brand Stores create an immediate image of legitimacy. If you have a fantastic store page, your customer will know right away that you’re not just a cheap reseller looking for a quick buck—you’re someone with a brand and a catalog of products that have been thoughtfully developed over time.
  • Brand Stores are also great for customers who are browsing around for similar products but don’t know exactly what they want yet. This is great for categories like footwear, tech, fashion, fitness, and many others. Brand Stores can fully display beautiful imagery (both product and lifestyle) and truly utilize the space to tell potential customers everything about your brand. Rather than depending on the typical glance at reviews and bullets, a Brand Store can truly be customized to showcase the most unique aspects of your products.
  • Promote new products to existing customers! Advertising your Brand Store through emails or social media can be a great way to get your established customers and fans to take a second look at your offerings—and purchase again!
  • A Brand Store can help you advertise externally (such as Google/Facebook ads) and drive customers back to Amazon to a polished, full catalog, rather than a single product page.

The 5 best practices of creating an Amazon Brand Store:

  • Beautiful graphics and clear messaging
  • Simple, distinct categories with multiple pages
  • Incorporate video to engage and interest potential customers
  • Make sure your layout works on mobile and desktop
  • Make sure your brand tells a distinct story

One of the most crucial aspects of creating a Brand Store is incorporating multiple landing pages into your ad strategy. This is incredibly important because it lets you be targeted and specific with your ad campaigns. Narrowing your catalog down to a specific sub-category (such as leggings within a women’s fitness clothing line) will let you target those keywords specific to your products and your customers’ search terms while showing them that you offer multiple styles or models in your catalog.

Incorporating multiple landing pages into your strategy is essential to finding success with Sponsored Brand Ads. It gives you the opportunity to write more specific ad copy. When done properly, sales and conversion rates will increase, and customers will be more likely to shop your other products, increasing your brand halo.”

Casey McRae

Overall, separating your Brand Store into multiple categories and landing pages helps you quickly display that you have different categories of products, rather than a jumble of products on a long list. Overall, this establishes legitimacy and a cohesive brand story.

While it can require a lot of work, the benefits of having a fantastic Amazon Store are well worth it. It’s one of the crucial steps to establishing your product offerings as a true brand to your potential customers. If you need help making a killer Brand Store, contact the experts at Blue Wheel Media.

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