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Amazon Brand Store: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re selling on Amazon, you need a high-quality brand store. Period.

Not only does your brand store allow you to “own” a landing page on Amazon, it also allows your brand to create a consistent experience across all of your marketplaces. The more that Amazon, and other marketplaces like Walmart, continue to take over our ecommerce world, the more important your Amazon Brand Store will be.

Your Brand Store on Amazon is more than just a place to house all of your Product Detail pages — it can dramatically increase your sales, build brand loyalty with your customers, and provide education for your customers.

Landing for Conversion

The data speaks for itself — linking a Sponsored Brand campaign to an Amazon Brand Store has a 64% better return compared to linking to a product page.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to increase the purchase amount of each transaction, encouraging buyers to buy more than one item from your brand. Any opportunity to increase 

Amazon has traditionally been simply a marketplace to buy multiple products from multiple brands, but having a brand store allows consumers to become more brand loyal on Amazon than they were previously. By linking your Sponsored Brand campaigns to your Amazon Brand Store, you encourage that brand loyalty.

Owning Your Amazon Brand Store

Brand stores have made Amazon more brand friendly. Ever since Amazon let brands own a specific url (, the marketplace has become less of a brand neutral platform and more of a one-stop destination for all your product needs — including brands you love.

Customers can now follow your brand on Amazon by pressing the +Follow button on your Brand Store (see screenshot below), which allows them 

amazon brand store amore pacific

One of the disadvantages people used to point out about Amazon was that you didn’t have any control over your customers like you do on your owned website — you don’t have any way to contact them about product updates or new releases like you would with your email list.

But now, with the follow feature in brand stores, you have a similar ability! When someone follows your brand, they’ll receive updates when your brand launches a new product, encouraging repeat purchasers and brand loyalists.


If your brand has seasonal products, your brand store is a great opportunity to rotate out products based on when they’re most relevant to the consumer. By doing this, you also increase the opportunity for more sales from your brand, especially if you place relevant products together (more on that later).

Clothing brands are typically seasonal, cycling clothing that matches with the current season. But other vertical can also be seasonal! Beauty brands can cycle out products for dry winter skin and sunscreen-covered summer skin. One premium tea brand we work with cycles out their tea flavors based on the season — selling fruity teas in the summer and spiced teas in the fall.

Opportunity for Education

If your product can be used with other products you sell (for example, in the beauty space), your brand store is a great place to educate your consumers on what products work best together, giving you the chance to upsell!

For example, you could group your skincare products by skin type, listing products together that are best for dry, oily, or combination skin. Or, maybe you offer socks to go with your shoes — you can suggest the best socks for boots, athletic shoes, or dress loafers.

No matter your product, there is likely an opportunity for upselling through education in your Amazon Brand Store. Feel free to get creative and really let your brand’s voice come through while you educate customers.

Want expert guidance when creating your Amazon Brand Store? The team at Blue Wheel can help!

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