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2021 Prime Day Recap from the Experts

Prime Day 2021 is over, and everyone is wondering how the biggest sales event of the year went. Amazon boasted over 250 million items were sold, Prime members saved more than ever before, and that their Fire Stick was the biggest-selling item. There were shockingly no site crashes, despite the immense amount of traffic, and sales soared for small businesses.

But what did Amazon advertisers see as the biggest takeaway this year? We asked three of our Amazon experts what they thought the biggest takeaway of 2021 Prime Day was. Here are their thoughts in full!

Melissa Ardavany, our Director of Marketplace Client Services, noted that this was, unsurprisingly, the biggest sales day ever for many brands.

“For many of our clients, Prime Day 2021 was their biggest sales day since Prime Day 2019 and for some, it was even their biggest EVER. This was regardless if they were running deals or not.”

Most brands will run some sort of deal or discount on Prime Day, but the fact that brands who didn’t run a discount still saw a lift in sales really speaks to the high amount of traffic and purchase intent that is on Amazon during those two days — regardless of price.

Kyle Slunick, Senior Marketplace Manager, spoke to the impact of advertising and how the time of day drastically impacts placement.

“Competitors started the day very aggressive and were constantly increasing bids for first page placements. CPCs were high because of the aggressive approach taken early in the day, however, as the day progressed brands began to lose placements and CPCs began to decrease, as competitors were running out of budget. In the later half of the day, we saw placements granted to smaller brands so we pushed and capitalized on the traffic. It worked extremely well!”

Amazon themselves definitely highlighted that small businesses were able to see great success, noting that 2.5 million customers bought from small businesses on Amazon in the first twenty-four hours of the sale.

Dani, Senior DSP Manager, noted that your Prime Day strategies should extend after the two-day sale is over, especially for DSP.

“Utilizing DSP before, during, and after Prime Day. Before the sale event, DSP helps build awareness for any deals you plan on running. During Prime Day, DSP is useful for bringing in traffic from users across the internet — off Amazon — who may not be aware the sale is even happening. Post-Prime Day, retargeting lookback windows can help by reengaging with the increased traffic that viewed your product without purchasing or purchased on Prime Day and haven’t re-purchased recently.”

For our team at Blue Wheel, Prime Day is just the beginning. We capitalize off the high visibility to continue to grow your sales through advertising and prepare for Q4 and the holiday season.

Prime Day didn’t go as planned? Realized you need an expert team to help you? Reach out for a free Amazon Advertising audit from Blue Wheel!

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