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Don't let your WordPress website be compromised. With Blue Wheel Media's security practices, you won't have to worry about the vulnerability of your WordPress.

Your site is built on the largest web publishing platform on the internet, which makes it a huge target for hackers and spammers. WordPress updates their core system frequently to keep ahead of these malicious attacks, but your site may still be vulnerable. The WordPress core must be updated manually on your site and when you add plugins to the mix, it becomes even more vulnerable.

There are a wide array of plugins that add functionality to the core WordPress site, and we’ve added these plugins to make your site into what it is today. Although most of these plugins are updated regularly, they must be manually updated and installed on your WordPress to be effective.

Most successful hacking attempts on WordPress sites are the result of the manager of the site failing to maintain WordPress and plugin updates. According to WPScan Vulnerability Database (an online browsable database that detects known vulnerabilities within the WordPress world), 54% of WordPress vulnerabilities are due to plugins, and 31.5% are in the core WordPress.

Most of the time, updating WordPress and its plugins is a simple process but sometimes these updates can break functionality on other parts of your site. This will cost you time and money, depending on the depth of the issues involved.

For this reason, we suggest you do not try to keep your WordPress site updated on your own. Luckily, we offer comprehensive insurances packages that will not only make your site more secure, but keep it up to date.

Our Insurance Packages

We offer two zero-risk insurance packages for our clients’ live websites. Both packages offer:

  • Plugin Updates – So your plugins and WordPress always have the most up to date security features

  • OpenSSL Encryption – Encrypts data sending and receiving from the website

  • Daily Site Backups – In the event a hacker does get through our security measures, your site will be restored to the most recent version quickly and easily

  • Wordfence Security – Secures your site and offers scheduled scans, password auditing, and various other security measures
    One of our clients, Tri-County Beverage, is currently subscribed to our insurance package. Our records show in just six months there were seven instances of hacking attempts on their site. All of those attempts were successfully blocked by our security measures. However, even if our measures were not able to block those attempts, we would have been able to restore their site with no issues.

    Another Blue Wheel client in the food and beverage industry was not so lucky. They had decided against our insurance package and they were eventually hacked. It cost them upwards of $2,000 to clean and restore the site, as well as a lot of time to re-input lost content and data that had changed since the site’s launch.

    We always recommend that our clients protect themselves and let us handle the security of their site.