It’s 2012. Personal branding has never been so important. As the ever-expanding digital landscape continues to make your world seem smaller and your competition seem bigger, we’ve developed this useful guide to help you get ahead in your industry and stand out for that potential job position. Behold: Blue Wheel Media’s GET List.

Blue Wheel Media's GET List

• Decide who you are, what you want to accomplish, what you have to offer, and what makes you unique.
• Define these things with a personal brand statement. Think of this as your elevator pitch. Make sure it is refined enough to deliver within the first few sentences of meeting someone.

• Stay on top of the latest news, tips, and trends in your industry by reading blogs, forums, and other relevant digital sources.
• Ask and ye shall receive. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and a lot of stuff you didn’t) is but a Google search away. Educate yourself.
• Use the achievements of others in your field as blueprints to reach your own goals. Read up on success stories like the one below for ideas and inspiration.

• Be authentic. Be engaging. And most importantly, be yourself.
• Take your personal brand statement and expand on it to build your personal brand identity.
• Highlight your most unique points in unique ways. Make a video, take a photo shoot, design something crazy, and do it all in a way that will make your dream employer notice you.
• Stand out from the competition by turning your résumé into an eye-catching infographic like the one below. If you don’t have graphic design experience, stop by an easy-to-use site like and get some. Or just talk to Hagan.

Blue Wheel Media's GET LIST: Infographic Résumé
GET CREATIVE: Showcase Your Qualifications and Creativity with an Infographic Résumé

• Leverage the infinite power of social networks. Use the “Big 3” – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – to get your name out and engage people within your industry. And don’t neglect the more niche networks like Instagram, YouTube, Quora, BranchOut, etc.
Content is king: attract an audience on social networks or on your own blog by sharing interesting and relevant content from your thoughts or expertise.

Blue Wheel Media's GET List: Facebook Leveraging
GET SOCIAL: Find Creative Ways to Leverage Facebook

• Establish consistency across the web. Stick to your personal brand identity when it comes to visuals and written content to make your web presence more memorable.
• Make sure all of your usernames/URLs match. This way, if one of your blog readers wants to find your Twitter feed, they can.
• With a site like About.Me, create a simple profile page to link to all of your networks and websites from one spot. Think of this as your online business card.

• Digital may be the new frontier, but that doesn’t mean you can slack on physical efforts to promote yourself. The best practice is combining the two.
• Represent what you do digitally on your business card. It is always more personal when you hand someone something. List URLs for social network profiles and blogs right alongside your other contact info.
• Use your unique blend of digital and physical self-promotion to make an impression on others in your field. Attend industry events, conferences, and presentations to rub shoulders and network with new people. Afterwards, connect with them digitally on professional sites like LinkedIn.
• Finally, remember that everyone you meet is a potential contact. Whether it’s in a web forum or at the corner store, you never know if the next person you encounter will lead you to your dream job.

Don’t rest on your résumé. Be proactive and promote yourself. After all, thanks to digital, there have never been more tools for the job. So use them and see what you can build.

Blue Wheel Media will be on-hand at Actorfest this Saturday, May 19 in Pontiac. Stop by our booth for more insights on how to stand out from the crowd.