Content is everything. For years, marketers have been saying this very thing, that “Content is King”. Today, Content is not just king, but the entire deck of cards. The way in which information is organized will continue to play a vital role in this world. As technology continues to develop, social media continues to evolve, and search continues to perfect itself, marketers will need to think about the content they deliver and how they deliver it. Content is everything, but only if you do it right.

Content, whether comprised of words, pictures, videos, games, etc. drives the universe. Every new idea and every new invention needs content to tell the rest of the world, “Hey, I’m right here”. The problem for aspiring and established brands is channel proliferation. 20 years ago we had 3 channels; Print, Radio, & TV. Today we have 1000’s to 10,000’s of channels. Search, Social, Q&A’s, Forums, and more. It never ends. Businesses and brands are confused as to how to deal with all of these channels. How can I take my brand’s story and get it out on the street? It’s a matter of solving your channel confusion. Blue Wheel Media solves channel confusion by developing a unique strategic solution with a focus on cross-multi-channel marketing. The root of this solution is… well… content.

Bottom line, content is everything. If you do not have good content, you are boring. And if you are boring, who will share your content on social networks? Who will search for you? I do not care if you are a molecular engineering company, a cardiovascular surgeon, or your local CPA- everyone has a story and everyone has something different. So get out there and tell the world. Share your content, because if you hide, you will be hidden.


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