WellNet Healthcare offers level-funded health plans to small and mid-sized business. With its distinct audience and not easily ignored healthcare cost saving solutions, WellNet knew who to talk to and what to say. Blue Wheel helped WellNet find its voice through a new website, robust marketing automation system, and a target ad placement strategy.


While WellNet’s solutions were industry leading, their messaging was not. We helped WellNet revamp their web presence by simplifying their message and creating a fresh new look. The lively new color scheme and simplified navigation helped cut through the clutter.

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We simplified and streamlined the content, curated easy to understand videos and developed all new iconography that correlates directly with WellNet’s multiple offerings.

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We built WellNet’s site with marketing automation in mind. Every new lead generated goes through a series of carefully crafted email workflows while every current lead is being scored and labeled based on their online interests. WellNet is able to know exactly when cold leads turn to hot prospects.

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WellNet’s audience is very unique, in that they target brokers, who utilize WellNet’s solution to sell to their clients. We created custom audiences in Facebook to serve insightful and sharable ads to all of WellNet’s past, present, and potential broker clients. The campaigns have reached over 5,000 brokers.

  • over3,500actions
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Nahu Conference and Campaign

  • Reached485 of 600leads
  • over10,000impressions
  • Numerous comments by nahu attendees

Using custom audiences in Facebook, we created an ad campaign specifically targeting insurance brokers who were attending the popular NAHU Capitol Conference in Washington D.C.; an event that WellNet would be attending. The ads generate brand awareness before the conference, which lead to multiple conversations during the conference. WellNet was top of mind before, during, and after the event. Imagine, the WellNet team walking into the conference and 485 of the 600 people they were targeting that were there, already knew who WellNet was and what they offered.

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