Meet Salads UP

Salads UP is your source for healthy, delicious, and environmentally-conscious food in the Ann Arbor, MI area. The company’s signature personalized salads, delicious cold-pressed juices, and scrumptious frozen yogurt has created quite a buzz in the Ann Arbor community. We took a very integrated approach when working with Salads UP to define their brand, providing input on logo, styles, messaging, and even interior styles and packaging.



As a fellow Michigan company with UofM grads on our team, we had a well-developed plan regarding Ann Arbor’s demographics and Salads UP’s target market. Using this information, we knew the competition and positioned the best branding approach.

Logo & Branding

We worked with Salads UP to create plenty of options to choose from for the company logo.


Web Design And Establishing Styles

With the logo created, the rest of the brand needed to offer the same consistent message. We laid out a brand style guide including text styles, photo treatments, iconography, and graphics and applied this methodology to their website, in-store and digital collateral.

A Fresh Design

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Grand Opening

Working with Salads UP prior to the company’s grand opening, we had the unique opportunity to consult on interior and exterior designs for the business as well. We provided different style directions for the storefront interior and exterior, giving the client a choice for the restaurant’s overall look.


When the store’s grand opening arrived, our creative direction paid off. For multiple days after opening, the line of customers zig- zagged throughout the restaurant and out the door. Moving forward, we continue to help Salads UP cement itself as a staple in downtown Ann Arbor for healthy dining choices.

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