Rights First Law

Meet Rights First Law

Rights First Law (RFL) is a metro Detroit law firm focusing in the areas of criminal defense, family law, estate planning, civil, and commercial litigation.

RFL was looking to increase their qualified digital leads and grow revenue. The first issue was that the Cost-Per-Click for their targeted keyword “Criminal Defense Attorney” was over $35, a prohibitive number. Interested in gaining leads but wary about the ROI, RFL approached us about creating a lead generation and lead nurturing campaign.

Content Creation

Along with RFL, we first created a series of forty 30-45-second videos covering the questions about citizens’ rights as they pertain to specific laws and services offered by RFL.

Lead Generation

By targeting specific questions, we achieved a cost-per-click nearly 20 times lower than the average = $1.71. This allows us to communicate to 20 times more people with the same ad spend.

  • "CRIMINAL LAWYER"$29.13Per Click
  • "CRIMINAL ATTORNEY"$34.94Per Click


  • NEW TARGETED KEYWORD #1$1.63Per Click
  • NEW TARGETED KEYWORD #2$1.77Per Click
  • NEW TARGETED KEYWORD #3$1.68Per Click

Lead Nurturing

In order to convert someone who was asking a question into someone doing business with you, we devised a Marketing Automation strategy to nurture these leads from awareness to the sale.

Marketing Automation

A complex set of 12 automated email workflows were created, containing over 30 emails. These emails were sent strategically after making initial contact such as 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, and 1 month, consistently over the course of a year, until the initial lead became a sale.

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Before RFL launched their new site in early May 2015, nearly all leads were gained through referrals, small print ads, and word of mouth. With our lead generation and marketing automation strategy in place, RFL saw an influx of new leads: After two months RFL saw a 69% increase in leads from June to July and a 296% increase in leads from May to July.

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