Metabolic Nutrition


Metabolic Nutrition is a leading nutrition and supplement company dedicated to all things health and fitness. From endurance training and muscle building to athletics and everyday health, Metabolic Nutrition has a range of great-tasting, top-quality nutritional supplements designed to maximize performance. Blue Wheel Media worked with Metabolic Nutrition to not only create stylish and distinct web site design, but also created a full-circle approach, utilizing photography, video, content and visual styles leading to an on going comprehensive digital marketing campaign.



To understand Metabolic Nutrition’s market, Blue Wheel Media conducted research and market analysis to recognize and identify opportunities. Using this information, Blue Wheel identified industry trends and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses which allowed us to help Metabolic own a distinct branding, look and messaging.

Unleash Your Superhero Campaign

Blue Wheel Media launched a campaign titled “Unleash Your Superhero”. This involved our coordination and direction of a photo shoot in Las Vegas, NV with top photographer Bazza Holmes. The finished photography included spliced images to represent an unenthused average person on the left and someone who is able to Unleash Their Superhero on the right, implying the strength and energy you can accomplish after taking Metabolic products.

Who Is Metabolic Man?

As part of the creative direction for Metabolic Nutrition, Blue Wheel Media helped re-birth Metabolic Man – the company mascot. Initially, Metabolic Man was lacking a distinct origin story or mission. Blue Wheel Media’s design team laid out and illustrated Metabolic Man’s story, a comic showing the journey Metabolic Man took to become the superhero he is today. This character was then integrated full circle with the event mascot, mini metabolic man promo items, and a user generated #hashtag content campaign.

Hall Of Heroes

Blue Wheel helped strategize, design, launch and manage an ongoing ambassador program, called the Hall of Heroes. We negotiated and continue to work with fitness influencers with social followings on instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We then integrate these heroes and their story into the overall marketing and content strategy, showing how they unleash the superhero in their life, as well as working with them to promote Metabolic Nutrition product.


Web Design

As part of the rebrand launch, Blue Wheel strategized, architected, designed and developed a fully responsive e-commerce website. The design focuses on the clean, sleek style the new photography lent as well as energy and movement to spice things up. The site includes instagram API integration, an M-Lab content house home to dozens of videos and on going informational content, full e-commerce representation of the Metabolic product line, and more.

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