LSG Insurance Partners

LSG Insurance Partners is the largest privately held insurance agency in Michigan. Founded in 1965, LSG offers a variety of services including commercial insurance, employee benefits, personal insurance, and mergers and acquisitions. Because LSG works with their customers to think outside the box when it comes to commercial insurance, we set out to rebrand the company to make them truly stand out from the competition.


Upon researching LSG’s competitors, we saw a lot of the same dry, solutions-oriented branding. To separate LSG from the pack, we worked to create a distinct logo and style for LSG Insurance Partners. After extensive rounds of exploration, editing, and designing, a final logo was chosen.


Logo & Branding

While the two intertwined boxes featured in the logo seem simple at first glance, they work together to convey the personalized services offered by LSG Insurance Partners. The main blue box represents a complete, comprehensive, one-stop solution to insuring their clients’ commercial assets. The black box supplements this by representing their outside-the-box approach. Overall, the clean, simple logo was designed to represent LSG’s industry-leading services in addition to the humanity behind the company.


Web Design And Establishing Styles

After the branding had been created, LSG’s message had to be expanded across all digital avenues, including a fresh new web site design. We removed the clutter and streamlined the content, making the site easy to navigate, the information easy to find, and the visuals simple and meaningful. The color scheme of black, white, and blue is balanced by crisp photography, art, and simple animations. Many styles created here, such as the blue frame around people and objects, would go on to be applied to different collateral as well.

A Streamlined Design

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Putting Together The Pieces

With the site created, the next step was to streamline the look and branding for all of LSG’s assets. Our design team worked diligently to update the company’s business cards, stationary, powerpoint, and other branded documents. The upgrades to these documents helped to create a consistent look and message across the board for all of LSG’s internal and external communications and customer interactions.

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