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Meet Bloom Roofing

Since 1979, Bloom Roofing has provided industry-leading commercial and industrial roofing services throughout Michigan, the Midwest, and beyond. Bloom partnered with us to help strengthen the roofing company’s digital presence with a new and improved website, search-friendly content for SEO, and a comprehensive marketing automation strategy.


Lead Nurturing

Roof repairs and replacements can be an expensive endeavor and are typically not done on a whim. That’s why we encouraged Bloom Roofing to use SharpSpring, a marketing automation platform, as a means of generating high-quality leads, while offering a way to nurture those leads through email workflows and drip campaigns.

Implementation of Lead Nurturing Email Marketing Automation System

We developed and implemented a series of complex automated email marketing workflows with the goal of converting new leads to sales, nurturing prospective clients into sales, and re-engaging past customers. Snow, ice, leaves, and other extreme changes in weather can cause significant roofing damage, and our marketing automation efforts highlighted Bloom’s roof repair services during times of inclement weather.

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The Results

  • $1 Million+In Less Than 2 Years

In less than 2 years, our targeted email marketing approach and our ability to see the life-of- the-lead from fruition to completion assisted Bloom in earning more than $1 million in revenue from new leads.

Only with a marketing automation platform like SharpSpring are we able to see who clicked on an email, when, and what they did once they got to the site. In many instances, a form was filled out after the initial email click, which notified the Bloom team and resulted in a sale.

After we identified a lead that nearly fell through the cracks using lead scoring and dynamic form tracking, Dan Bloom, the Director of Marketing for Bloom Roofing, praised our marketing automation efforts.

“SharpSpring’s technology and Blue Wheel’s management of our Marketing Automation efforts saved a $93,000 sale.”

-Dan Bloom

Especially due to the long sales cycle for commercial roofing services, our targeted marketing automation efforts were vital in helping Bloom Roofing to better understand their digital audience, identify sales opportunities, and ultimately increase revenue.

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