Bite Tech

Bite Tech develops innovative technologies to create performance mouthwear products and is an exclusive licensee to Under Armour. With an extensive portfolio of over 45 patents and patent applications in a variety of sports and health technologies, Bite Tech is devoted to improving health and physical performance. Bite Tech engaged us to help develop a new set of written fit instructions in both English and French for their line of mouthguards, each with an associated video instruction guide.



Taking a look at existing instructions for the various products, we identified with Bite Tech an array of issues they saw a need to address. These included consolidating the number of instruction manuals, simplifying the verbiage, improving visual communication methods, creating consistency with Under Armour guidelines, and considerations for packaging.


The Process

After thoroughly investigating the mouthguard-fitting process and existing instructions, our team felt confident taking a brand new approach to the way in which the instructions were not only worded, but also laid out. Originally, each independent mouthguard had a separate instruction sheet with many intricate steps and a variety of inconsistencies between the various manuals. By consolidating steps, identifying similarities between manuals, and rewriting complex language, our copywriting team simplified directions for consumers and reduced the overall number of manuals needed.

Starting From Scratch

With the simplest communication form achieved and clear goals outlined, each step was built out and methods were tested and integrated to account for differences in respective mouthguards. After many revisions, the fitting instructions were reduced to only three separate instruction manuals. Additionally, the amount of steps and word count for each step was reduced by almost half. These written instructions were then passed on to the design team to create an easy-to-read and engaging instruction manual. Because one of the primary goals was better visual communication, Blue Wheel’s designers integrated a custom set of icons into the instructions. The designers also studied the Under Armour brand guidelines to ensure strict compliance with UA’s visual standards.


In addition to developing the content for the new instruction manuals, our team created a unique folding method for the instructions that reduced the overall size to a 3”x3” square and increased simplicity of use. We also employed a strict quality management and revision process to ensure that both Bite Tech and our team could track the many versions, revisions, and languages within the manuals.


One of the key pieces of this project was making sure the instructions could be used digitally and made available online. Our in-house video team took elements of the written instructions and developed easy-to- follow video instructions.


Overall, the new instructions faced an extremely speedy approval process by the Under Armour brand team and required no further revisions. This was a first for Bite Tech and had never been achieved by a third-party vendor requiring UA’s approval. With improved, consistent, and easy-to-read instructions, the new manuals are now being used for Bite Tech’s various mouthguards across the nation.

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