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The Need

Banila came to us with additional budget to support a Halloween campaign. Our strategists got to work in creating a two-tier TikTok campaign that utilized both influencer marketing and follower growth strategies.

The Situation

We decided to focus on TikTok because that was a less developed channel for them with lots of potential. We developed a strategy to work with larger creators (100k followers and up) to create Halloween makeup melting videos. We then reposted them on Banila’s TikTok and boosted them with a goal of follower growth.

Our Expertise

All Things TikTok

From working with content creators to utilizing trends and features, Blue Wheel's social team are experts at all things TikTok.

The Solution

By working with beauty content creators and boosting posts, we were able to launch a successful campaign for Banila.

Utilizing New Features

TikTok’s new Community Interaction objective allowed us to promote content that has been posted on Banila’s feed with the goal of returning followers.

Working with Content Creators

It can be difficult for brands to feed their TikTok accounts with ongoing potentially viral content. Blue Wheel opts toward working with creators and reposting their content onto the brand’s channel.

Real Results

In less than a month, Blue Wheel helped Banila achieve...







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