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The Need

A prestigious brand with no social media presence looking to build its digital brand and social following.

The Situation

STARK Carpet is considered one of the most prestigious and reputable home furnishings companies in the industry. STARK Carpet came to Blue Wheel Media with zero social media presence. They were looking to build their overall social media brand, following and managing relationships with interior designers.

Our Expertise

Social Media Engagement & Managment

Engaging social content and advertising that's both eye-catching and actionable.

The Solution

Develop a social media strategy, to capitalize on the brands popularity in the design community and nurture those relationships to build a robust and engaged social community.

Increased Social Media Presence

By tapping into the design community and capitalizing on STARK Carpet’s offline popularity within the design community, Blue Wheel grew STARK’s social presence to over 110,000+ followers.

MarCom Awards 2018—Honorable Mention

Being recognized by the MarCom Awards as an award-winning testament to the growth and bright future that continues to lie ahead for STARK Carpet Social! The MarCom Awards specifically honor excellence in marketing and communication while recognizing the creativity, hard work, and generosity of industry professionals.

Social Media Community Management

Through developing consistent brand messaging revolving around a set of core hashtags, STARK Carpet socials developed into a robust organic community producing highly engaging content for the brand. #StarkTouch has 4,700+ associated and tagged posts, and #StarkCarpet has 12,000+ associated and tagged posts.

Real Results

Blue Wheel Media was able to create a powerful social brand...





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