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The Need

A skincare brand experiencing stagnant Ad Sales and Ad Revenue.

The Situation

A skincare brand was experiencing difficulty growing their ad sales for several months before reaching out to Blue Wheel Media. In the six months prior to our engagement, their advertising revenue stayed relatively steady with minimal growth. After completing a free audit with one of our Amazon experts, we identified several missed opportunities.

Our Expertise

Ad Sales Growth & Targeted ACOS

Dynamic Bidding and keyword isolation to increase sales.

Amazon Brand Development

Developing messaging and advertising optimized for Amazon.

The Solution

By implementing Search Term Isolation strategies and splitting out branded & specialized campaigns, we were able to control exactly which products showed for a given search keeping conversion rates high.

Search Term Isolation

In mid-January 2019, Blue Wheel Media launched new Search Term Isolation campaigns for the Brand. Every product in their large catalog was added to an Auto, Research, and Performance campaign. These campaigns researched and harvested new search terms, added them to the appropriate campaigns as keywords, and managed the bids to meet ACoS targets without limiting sales volume.

Increasing Sales & Growing Brands

We were able to increase advertising revenue by 62% in just 3 months. Advertising revenue, along with overall revenue, is setting new records as a result of this strategy. Total sales for their secondary brand increased by approximately 152% in the 3 months since partnering with Blue Wheel Media.

ACoS Goals

ACoS under Blue Wheel Media is currently at 23.5% and decreasing as sales increase. Through constant optimization and changing bids in real-time with automation, we’re bringing down ACoS without sacrificing sales volume.

Real Results

In just 3 months, Blue Wheel achieved...







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