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The Need

XMONDO has been working with Blue Wheel and seen great results from advertising on Facebook and Instagram — but they wanted to branch into other channels to diversify their advertising efforts.

The Situation

With the arrival of iOS 14, Blue Wheel is always branching out into different platforms that will be viable to help reach our client’s goals. Since XMONDO’s owner, Brad Mondo, has his own channel on Snapchat, the brand was a great fit for a Snapchat advertising campaign.

Our Expertise

Channel Diversification

As tracking on traditional platforms becomes more limited, Blue Wheel has expanded into different platforms to diversify your efforts.

Snapchat Advertising

For the right audience, Snapchat can be a viable platform to advertise on — the results can be pretty spectacular if the campaign is set up correctly.

The Solution

We built out a full-funnel approach on Snapchat by

Traffic Campaign

This initial portion of the campaign had a goal to get as many qualified new users to the site at the cheapest cost. This had one of the lowest cost per swipe ups we’ve ever seen. In addition, we also received many purchases from this campaign, which is not the norm — but was certainly a welcome surprise.

Retargeting Campaign

For the latter part of the strategy, the goal was to convert the traffic we sent to the site. The ad with the highest ROAS at a whopping 33.5 was a video of XMONDO’s founder, Brad, dying his hair one of their best-selling colors, Super Blue.

Real Results

On Snapchat, Blue Wheel helped XMONDO achieve...







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