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The Need

A newer brand looking to gain market share on Amazon facing strict competition.

The Situation

Movies On Glass is the premier seller of The Godfather drinkware on Amazon, along with other officially licensed movie and TV show drinkware. They were looking for an agency partner to develop a strategic plan to identify opportunities to retarget complementary products, reach new customers, and drive awareness for their products.

Our Expertise

ASIN Targeting

Identifying competing products in the space to showcase products directly on competitor product detail pages.

Search Term Isolation

Advanced bidding strategy enabling users to control the exact bid for search terms and eliminate wasted ad spend.

The Solution

By identifying competing products in the space, we found opportunities to showcase Movies On Glass products directly on the product detail pages of their competitors. We implemented Search Term Isolation and eliminated inefficiencies in ad spend.

Increased Sales

We worked closely with the Movies On Glass team to group similar products into campaigns, identify special occasions and events to target, and match them to the most relevant group of search terms. This intricate process allows us to control specifically which products will show up for certain searches, letting us improve conversion rates and increase product awareness, leading to an increase in sales upwards of 55% and an increase in total orders of 20%.

Reduced ACoS

With search term isolation, we were able to control the exact bid for our search terms. This leads to a reduction in wasted ad spend on non-converting keywords and allows us to ensure we are capturing the maximum amount of impressions per search term on any given search. By constantly leveraging search term isolation, Movies On Glass was able to decrease their ACoS by 26%.

Real Results

In just 6 months, we saw...







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