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The Need

MaskClub was formed in response to the 2020 global pandemic in an effort to help give back to first responders through the fandom of beloved brands like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street, and hundreds more.

The Situation

Being a new brand in a completely new category, MaskClub needed to not only increase awareness but ramp up sales… and fast! MaskClub approached Blue Wheel for an advanced digital ad strategy that would help them scale via social.

Our Expertise

Paid Social Advertising

Our team of advertising experts has extensive knowledge of how copy, creative, and CTAs affect ad campaign performance on Facebook and Instagram.

The Solution

Managing Creative

We managed all the creative across hundreds of licensed brands, ensuring logos, copy, and creative were abiding by their licensor partnerships.

Paid Social Advertising

By optimizing MaskClub’s Facebook Ads, we ensured that all campaigns were efficient in hitting the client’s KPI and budget allocation.

Constant Communication

We partnered with the MaskClub team and set up processes to share learnings and respond quickly to client needs as the demand for masks increased.

Testing & Optimization

We extensively A/B tested different combinations of copy, creative, and CTAs to determine what performed best to help MaskClub reach their goals.

Real Results

In just four months, Blue Wheel achieved...







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