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The Need

Timers Plus started working with Blue Wheel to advertise their extensive Amazon catalogue.

The Situation

Timers Plus has a large number of seasonal products for sprinkler systems and their associated parts. They came to Blue Wheel to help with a strategy to advertise everything without drastically increasing ACoS and reduce wasted ad spend.

Our Expertise

Amazon Advertising

The team at Blue Wheel are experts at managing Amazon Advertising, including accounts with large numbers of ASINs and seasonal products.

The Solution

Blue Wheel has been able to consistently stay at or around the brand's goal of a 10% ACoS — even during slower-selling colder months.

Advertising Seasonal Products

Products that are typically only bought seasonally can be tough to advertise, especially during off seasons. But our team strategizes the best way to promote products while not wasting spend.

Reducing Wasted Spend

Because their catalog is so large, our team had to strategize a way to advertise all products while still keeping ACoS low across the board. Even in off seasons, we were able to reduce wasted spend and stay around the goal ACoS.

Real Results

Blue Wheel helped Timers Plus achieve...





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