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The Need

A health and fitness brand was looking to scale their influencer marketing efforts and monitor the return on investment.

The Situation

Blue Wheel had been working with this brand on influencer marketing for a while, but they were looking to scale those efforts and track their return from their work with mid-tier and micro-influencers.

Our Expertise

Influencer Marketing

Soliciting, communicating with, and coordinating influencer marketing on Instagram is no easy feat — let alone monetizing those efforts to be profitable.

The Solution

Blue Wheel coordinated the brand's entire influencer marketing plan, which included coordinating the influencers and using affiliate code marketing.

Affiliate Code Marketing

Using an affiliate code model allowed the team to easily track the impact that was made with each influencer post that was contracted.

Influencer Coordination

Blue Wheel sought out new mid-tier and micro-influencers that would be a good fit for the brand and who have an engaged audience

Real Results

Blue Wheel helped this health and fitness brand achieve...



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