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The Need

Winter sports clothing brand Holden wanted to expand their audience to include high-end fashion.

The Situation

Holden wanted to pivot from solely being a traditional winter sports brand to also being a high-end urban fashion brand. Without sacrificing their existing audience, they needed to prospect, increase brand awareness, and convert a new audience from the ground up.

Our Expertise


From targeting new audiences to creating engaging video content, we know how to effectively create detailed advertising strategies.

Optimizing Ads

By finding out what type of ads convert, we're able to optimize videos and ad copy for a better return.

Campaign Restructuring

By launching ads for individual products, we were able to effectively allocate spend instead of bulk-budgeting.

The Solution

Tackling the challenge of prospecting a new audience while still engaging past purchasers, Blue Wheel was able to

Simplifying Number of Products Advertised

We chose 5 hero products for each audience and heavily advertised only those, as opposed to advertising for every single product. We strategically chose products that were popular, in style, or had a low barrier to entry.

Increasing Brand Awareness for New Audience

By serving engaging, informative video ads, we were able to successfully prospect the Holden brand to high-end fashion audiences.

Optimizing Based on Video Completion Rate

A major key to Holden's success was optimizing retargeting ads based on how much of a video ad someone had watched. If they had watched 27 out of 30 seconds, we knew they were more well-versed with the brand than someone who had watched 2 seconds, and were able to target ads accordingly.

Building Hype Surrounding New Launches

By teasing new products and encouraging email sign-ups, we effectively launched new products and saw most of our returns from these campaigns. We also consolidated budgets by combining audiences, allowing for success while spending smartly.

Real Results

Year over year, Blue Wheel achieved...


total sales


of total site revenue from return on ads


increase in ad sales on Black Friday

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