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Gallery Kitchen & Bath

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The Need

A brands desire to grow and expand its business as a niche renovation company.

The Situation

Gallery Kitchen and Bath is a luxury kitchen, bath, and full-service renovation company catering to a high-class clientele in the boroughs of New York City. They needed a well thought out, defined, and highly targeted approach to their digital marketing strategy to not only reach their target consumers but to convert once their clientele is interested in the longer buying process of a high-end full-house remodel.

Our Expertise

Lead Generation

Targeted new customer advertising campaigns and nurturing past purchasers with follow up retargeting advertising campaigns.

Increase Revenue

Identifying opportunities to improve advertising efficiency and increase sales.

The Solution

Working across multiple channels and teams, Blue Wheel was able to implement a digital strategy focused on increasing online lead generation and nurturing.

Lead Generation & Lead Nuturing

Blue Wheel targeted a combination of high household income homeowners as well as creative targeting metrics to not only reach potential customers but also further nurture leads down the sales funnel. With this approach, Gallery experienced an increase of 144% in leads period over period.

Increase Sales & Revenue

With a 7-figure Ad Revenue goal set for the year, Blue Wheel enacted the digital strategy to target, nurture, and grow the revenue for Gallery. By not only targeting those interested in a renovation but also educating them on the process of a homerenovation, Blue Wheel Media launched a series of campaigns across multiple platforms to reach this ad revenue goal.

Real Results

In 6 months, Blue Wheel achieved...







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